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miércoles, 24 de octubre de 2018

Paso 1/ Step 1

Paso 2/ Step 2

Paso 3/ Step 3

Paso 4/ Step 4

Paso 5 /Step 5

Hola a todos!!
Mi post de esta semana es acerca de mi rutina cuidado de piel. La verdad es que tengo varios productos preferidos y todos son excelentes.

Paso 1
Las toallitas desmaquillantes de Garnier son lo máximo te quitan  todo el maquillaje, tienen agua micelar y son ideales para quitar el maquillaje a prueba de agua o de larga duración.

Paso 2
El jabón de Avene es un ganador, es ideal para las pieles con tendencia a brotes de acné.

Paso 3
Luego el tonificador de Eternal Secret es perfecto, porque tiene Colágeno y Acido Hialurónico

Paso 4
El siguiente paso es este suero es anti acné, lo compré en un Spa y me ha funcionado muchísimo, si eres de los que sufren de brotes como yo, este es lo de los mejores.

Paso 5
Mi último paso son estos parches de Embelle, la marca me los mando y la verdad es que son lo máximo, a mí me funcionaron para disminuir las ojeras y obvio prevenir las líneas de expresión.
Por cierto aquí está el cupón que quiero compartir con ustedes del 

Aquí está el link:

Qué les parece mi rutina de skincare?

Les gusta? Cómo es la suya? Cuéntenme!


Hello there!
How are you?

I´m pretty cool, because this time I´m talking about my  skincare routine, and my fav beauty products.

Step 1
First of all I use these wipes from Garnier, they take away all your make up even if it´s waterproof.

Step 2
Next I wash my face with this Avene Gel, It´s fantastic.

Step 3
Then I use this serum from Eternal Secret

Step 4
The next step is this antiacne serum, I bought at my Spa Clinic and it´s fantastic for girls like me with pimples.

Step 5
My last step are this eye patches from Embelle, they helped me a lot with my eye bags.

and here is the link: 

So what do you think?

Tell me about your skincare routine?

viernes, 19 de octubre de 2018

Hello there?

How are you??

I´m looking for the perfect Halloween Custome and guess what? I found the perfect web store: ROSEGAL and here is my wishlist for the perfect Halloween custome.
 And they have Rosegal Halloween Sale, couldn´t be more perfect.

I went with really nice and clean outfits, you could style them as you wish and be the perfect at every party.

Here are my picks.

Halloween Long Sleeve Bat Wings Bodycon Dress

Halloween Bats Print Cami Strap Dress

Halloween Pumpkin Printed Pullover Hoodie

Finally I got some coupons for you!!

Love ya

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Hola a todos !!!

Se acerca Halloween y diferentes marcas han lanzado sus colecciones para la temporada . Les dejo mis productos favoritos de la marca ROSEGAL.COM

Halloween Pumpkin Printed Pullover Hoodie

Halloween Bats Print Cami Strap Dress

Halloween Long Sleeve Bat Wings Bodycon Dress

Si buscas el disfraz perfecto, estás opciones para Halloween están fenomenales y lo mejor que tienen DESCUENTOS click aquí.

Usa el código "RGTina" para órdenes mayores a 25 USD y obtén 3 USD de descuento.

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martes, 16 de octubre de 2018

Hola a todos!

Chamaripa Elevator Shoes me ha contactado para realizar un Review de su calzado , pueden creerlo? La verdad es que me encantaron ya que sus modelos son modernos ,bonitos y en súper tendencia .
Les dejo 3 modelos que elegí y que a mí me parecieron lo máximo
Se atreverían a usar este tipo de calzado?


Hello there!
I really love hells, do you? They make us look taller and they are really gorgeous, but I cannot wear them more than 2 hours because I got really tired and my feet hurt me a lot!, So I got contacted by this website. Chamaripa Elevator Shoes, as the company said,Shoes have been designed to have a special insoles that offers the extra height and you look taller, But how it works? If you look at your normal shoes, you will realize that the sole is the traditional design and its only function is to raise the heel up. The shoe lifts you will find it elevator shoes, function the same way.


You could find really nice pieces at their website. In the past when I thought about elevator shoes, I thought about ugly and non-trendy designs; but Chamaripa Elevator Shoes has so nice and cool designs, after I went into their website and I picked my favs.

  Since I really love sneakers and I wear them with almost all my outfits I chose three models that you may wear for a lot of occasions and some of them could work for a nicer outfit. Now sneakers are in a huge trend. You could wear them with a suit or a blazer, it is up to you how you style them!

Lately white sneakers have been becoming a huge trend for every brands, a lot of them have their model and I found this model in Chamaripa website. This sneakers are for daily use, you can wear them with whatever you want, and do a lot of activities for example  go out with your friends or your family. I think this ones are perfect for travel because they match with almost every casual look.

My second choice is something more trendier, when I see this model in Balenciaga I almost died for it, but they are really expensive for my wallet so I started to look for almost the same model with more affordable brands and I think this is one of them if you really like them and you want to look taller this is a perfect option.

My third and last option is a model inspired in the 90´s. After a lot of bloggers have been posting a lot of pictures with this kind of shoes, I look into 90´s trends and I found really interesting, a lot of trends are coming back and this strong design is one of them. I think a lot people have mixed feelings for this model or what do you think?

After look into the Chamaripa Elevator Shoes I found that they had a lot of models for men and women and the price is not bad, if you would like wear shoes that make you taller, you should visit their website and ask them any questions you have.

I´m really surprise how you can make really huge differences about how you look with almost no effort, we have almost everything to look different and if you are not happy with something you can change it, for example these shoes. You just put them on and your height changes about 7 CM higher.

What do you think?

Would you buy them?