New Jumpsuit? 💮

6:47 p.m.

Hola a todos!
Cómo están? 
En esta ocasión les traigo un look muy cool, les conté en Instagram que es otra prenda reusado. Este Jumpsuit fue un regalo de mi prima, está muy bonito y en súper buen estado, tanto que mi hermana y yo lo compartiremos, es de Express y mis zapatos son de Michael Kors, qué tal les gusta? A ustedes también les regalan la ropa o ustedes regalan la suya?? 
Todo es bienvenido.


Hello there!
How are you?
This time, about my look, I told you on Instagram about this look, a new reused outfit, this jumpsuit was a gift from one of my cousin and it´s really pretty! I really loved it so my sister and I  will share it, It is from Express and my shoes from Michael Kors, 
what do you think? Do you like it? 
I want to ask you about your clothes, do you share or give your clothes to someone else? 
Love you!

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  1. Estás preciosa y muy elegante con este mono. El color azul te sienta fenomenal!

  2. Lovely jumpsuit.
    The lines makes you look taller and thinner,
    jumpsuits looks really good on you.


  3. The jumpsuit looks perfect on you. I love the color and your earrings are really cute too.

    xo, Maria

  4. This jumpsuit is classy and gorgeous! You look fab!

  5. You look gorgeous in that jumpsuit. If I had it, I don't think I'd share it with my sister :P I have a problem finding jumpsuits that fit because I'm tall and they don't fit in the torso well. I love the way the pigeons look so blue - they coordinate with the jumpsuit. And I find it interesting that you went with a tan shoe - it looks wonderful and I'd never have thought to pair them with a navy blue jumpsuit.

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  6. oh what a great jumpsuit from MK! The stripes are so fun and fresh for summer.

    Allie of

  7. awesome article :)
    have a beautiful day

  8. You look fab in it babe!

  9. Te queda genial! Me encanta ese mono :)
    Espero tu opinión en mi último post, besitos!

  10. Your new jumpsuit is perfect!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  11. This looks so fabulous on you dear! Love the jumpsuit, so classy, yet still casual. The heels really wrapped up the look.

    Jessica |

  12. This jumpsuit is gorgeous on you! You look so pretty, as always!

  13. Such a beautiful outfit! Love the jumpsuit!

    Gemma x

  14. Bellissima perché la trovo versatile, perfetta con il tacco ma anche con un sandalo basso o una sneakers.
    Nuovo post "What to wear? Cosa indosso per una giornata di shopping?" ora su

  15. You look so pretty!
    xx- Nina