Blazer outfit 🧥

6:00 p.m.

Hola a todos!
Después de mi encuesta en Instagram, aquí está el outfit ganador! Un outfit de licenciada! Por el saco! Jaja así le digo yo! Pero creo que le dí un buen twist con mi crop top de Forever 21 que no sabía cuándo usar y todo combinado con unos tenis que literal uso diario.
Qué les parece?
Ojalá y les guste.


Hello there!
How are you!
I hope you are doing ok!
After my poll on Instagram! Here is the winner outfit, a business look! Haha JK, but when I wear a blazer I felt like that, I paired my blazer with a Forever 21 crop top and my Puma Sneakers!
Hope you like it!!
Itzel Najar

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  1. Одличан капут, удобан и лаган за ношење.

    Outerwear for Women

  2. This is a great look! I love how long the blazer is, I don't have one this long. I am on the lookout for one, but it is hard b/c I am a small size but tall so they are never super long on me. The Pumas are super cool.

    Allie of

  3. I love all blezers and yours is also amazing, i like how it looks in this outfit ♥

  4. Ideal que estas Itzi, me encantan este tipo de outfits, además tengo una blazer muy parecida y lo bueno es que siempre le saco mucho partido, ¡feliz fin de semana! :)

  5. Nice blazer & you look Smart. Thank you.

    Nahid |

  6. your looks so nice..

  7. Nice casual chic outfit! Blazers are the best right? :-)

  8. Loving this cute and casual chic combo dear. Can't go wrong with that blazer.

    Jessica |

  9. Very cute! Love the blazer with this crop top <3

  10. Love this chic look! Have a great week.
    Gemma x


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