My 2020 🏠 Happy 2021!

5:00 p.m.


Hola a todos!

cómo están? yo estoy bien, a come y come por las fiestas decembrinas! jiji 

Este día de la mano de FEMME LUXE, queremos desearles un feliz año 2020 y qué mejor manera de desearles un mejor año, que recreándoles como me pase el 2020, en pijama y pants! jaja los quiero!

Por cierto vayan a ver estos sets de pants de FEMME LUXE, yo no me los quito jaja!

Mis nuevos amigos de FEMME LUXE manejan una calidad en los pantalones de mezclilla que me encanta y en los vestidos también, he recibido varias órdenes y te llegan súper rápido, la verdad es que yo no me quito sus prendas. 

Para esta pandemia he pedido varios conjuntos de pants y aparte que son muy cómodos, no te sientes fachosa o sin arreglar, porque son lo máximo.

El otro día estaba en su página de Internet y vi que también manejan zapatos y sets de pants con cubrebocas que ahorita deben de ser un must en todos los outfits de cada uno de nosotros, en fin cuídense y feliz año 2021. 



Hello there!

how are you? I´m fine, I´m eating a lot because of the holidays, but FEMME LUXE and I wish you a very happy new year, Most of my 2020 was in pajamas and cozy clothes, so I wanted to say hello to my 2021 in bed but always chic! haha! 

If you want to buy cool track suits and a chic pajamas, please visit FEMME LUXE website, I really love their cozy clotes.

FEMME LUXE has lots of cool pieces, now I have so many favorites, for example I ordered a pair of jeans and they were really great, I wear them every week and I still love them I can´t wait to order for more.

In 2020 they launched a huge loungwear set colllection and I couldn´t be happier because I really love the pieces, recently I ordered Lilac Oversized Cropped Hoodie Ribbon Drawstring Cuffed Joggers Loungewear Set- Marissa and I really loved it, I wore it all day long and I felt really cozy, and chic at the same time, my favorite part was the color because you don´t find pieces like this one everywhere and I want to look chic but unique at the same time. 

My next order of course will be more Loungewear Sets for example they have Tan Knitted Pullover Drawstring Hoddies like this one and I´m ready for making my new order.

But tell me about your 2020, for me, my wardrobe now has a lot of cozy items, since I spent almost the entire day in my house I need more loungwear sets for example, now I have a black one, burgundy one, purple one and soon a nude one. Please tell me if you had a year like mine or you are not into this lounge sets. 

Also what do you think about 2021, Do you think will be different? for example I don´t think I´m able to walk in heels but I have faith that it will be a better year, well 2020 was a different year, I think we have to focus on the positive side, for example I had so much time to create new content for my blog and it was really fun, I hope I can improve my posts in 2021 and be more creative, that´s why I´m trying to be more focused than 2020, but also I think we have to be kinder to ourselfs, we don´t have to be so perfect and have everything set. We just have to survive in this world. 

Please be safe and hopefully this year will be the greatest one of your lifes. 

Well let´s back on track and let me know if you visit FEMME LUXE site and what kind of items you like most, so maybe I can take Inspiration and order maybe a metallic and glitter dress like this Silver Glitter Iridescent Bodycon Bardot Mini Dress, I just realize that I don´t have any shinny dres for celebrations like new years eve, so I have to think a lot about what pieces I will order, because they have a lot of pieces. 


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  1. Happy New Year!
    xx- Nina

  2. Love these photos! Happy 2021! <3

  3. The Femme Luxe set is great! Yes lots of lounge wear this year for sure. Happy New Year! Lets hope 2021 is a better year for us all.

    Allie of

  4. My year was also all about cosy clothes, and as much as I miss dressing up especially in the winter I don't mind it at all :)


  5. happy new year dear! Beautiful photos
    Blog: Rêtro Vintage Maggie Instagram: @retro_vintage_maggie Facebook: Rêtro Vintage Maggie

  6. Happy new year I love these loungewears so Gorgeous xoxo Cris

  7. Feliz año 2021 :)
    Esos sets que llevas son muy cool!

    My blog - Lalabetterdayz