3:01 p.m.

Hola a todos!

¿Cómo están?
En esta ocasión quiero mostrarles un sitio de vestidos,, ellos me contactaron para mostrarme sus productos y la verdad tienen diseños que me encantan. Lo padre es que tienen atuendos  de graduación y vestidos de fiesta.
Aquí están mis favoritos, ojalá y coincidan conmigo.
Lo cool son sus descuentos, si compras 100 USD tienes de descuento 10 USD pero compras 200 USD tienes 20 USD de descuento.
Ojalá y tomemos inspiración para nuestras ocasiones especiales.
Gracias por leerme!

Hello there.
How are you?
This time I want to show you a prom dresses website, they contacted me to show me their dresses and I totally loved it! They have tons of cool items. They have homecoming dresses 2017 and hoco dresses, all of them are really gorgeous.
I´m a Little confused about which is my favorite but for sure my favs are the short ones, because they are more confortable.
I had a wedding last month and my graduation and I was looking for inspiration on the Internet and I picked the next dresses for inspiration.
The black one is really gorgeus, you know that black is always a winner color.
The White one is perfect because nowdays 2 piece dresses are really trendy and you can mix colors and styles.
My favorite one is the rose and gol done, rosegold is a really cool color and it´s so elegant and all brands are launching new items with this color.
About the navy it´s really cool and nice, navy and gold are a good match.

They have cool discounts, if you buy 100 USD you get 10 bucks off and if you buy 200 USD you get 20 bucks off.
I hope you like it and get inspired for a special occasion.

Love you!

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  1. Such cute dresses! Have a great day! Gemma x

  2. Love these dresses!

  3. Wow these designs are absolutely stunning! Love them! =)
    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  4. That gold and white dress is my absolute fave!


  5. Great post! Thanks for sharing! Get the latest and trendiest designs and styles of high Heels Online India from the online stores in a short time span. There is an impressive collection available at most of the stores from, which you can choose.

  6. Gorgeous collection of dresses!

    Miriam x

  7. Vestidazos!

  8. wow que vestido más bonitos todos!

    un beso tesoro

  9. The black dress is so cute!!
    Agnese & Elisa