Warm Palettes! 💄🙆


¡Hola a todos!
¿Cómo están?
En esta ocasión les quiero pedir un favor.
En esta temporada quiero comprar una paleta de sombras con los colores de temporada. La verdad muchísimas marcas tienen su versión y aquí les dejo mis opciones.
Me contactaron de esta página para probar algunos productos. En el momento en que los pruebe les cuento qué pasa con ellos.
¿A ustedes cuál les gusta?


Hello there,
I´m thinking about getting a new warm eyeshadow palette and a lot of brands launched their own version of these colors.
Warm colors are super trendy this season and you can get a really cool look with them, here are some of my favorites and please tell me what you think about them! Which one should I get, I don´t know.
A store contacted me and I thought that it could be a good idea writing a review about my fav palettes.
I´m going to test some of them and I´ll tell you how they work.
My first option is Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance, I have seen this palette in a lot of Youtube channels and there are a lot of wonderful comments about this palette. For me, this time will be the first I try an Anastasia Beverly Hills make up product.
My second option is Huda Beauty DESERT DUSK EYESHADOW PALETTE Since this palette was just launched I wanted to try it because it has a lot of cool colors, It combines shimmer, matte and glitter eyeshadows and I would really want to test them.
My third option is URBAN DECAY Naked Heat Eyeshdadow. Since The Naked Pallete from Urban Decay was launched a few years ago, it was an outstanding item and  now they have a few palettes with the naked theme, this pallete has a really cool combination of warm colors.
My last option is Too Faced; Just Peachy Mattes. Too Faced launched this make up line, they have a lot of peachy products and they are awesome. I tested some of their eyeshadows pallettes and they are really cool.
So I hope you can help me! What are your experiences with these  pallettes. Which one should I buy?
Wholesale makeups  are really cool because they have the best makeup  with pretty nice discounts.
I was on their website and they have most of the best brands in the world.
I´m so excited to try them and catch you later with all the details.
Thanks a lot!