We wear Pink 💗

3:45 p.m.

Hola a todos!
Cómo están?
Mi post es para celebrar el día de las chicas pesadas! Un atuendo rosa, jaja es de Forever 21 y aunque es fast fashion, creo que debes de encontrar prendas que vas a vestir varias veces! Yo este vestido lo tengo hace 4 años y lo he desde bodas, hasta mi graduación de la prepa.
Qué les parece? Están de acuerdo conmigo?


Hello there!
How are you?
This pink post is to celebrate Mean Girls day! You know, We wear pink. It´s from Forever 21, since I heard about all the big problems with this brand I´ve been thinking about fast fashion for example, I really like this brand, but you have to choose items not just for the season. For example I bought this dress 4 years ago and I wore it for weddings and for my high school graduation.
What do you think? Are you agree with me?

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